Car Sharing

In combination with our strong e-moped sharing network, you will no longer need to have your own vehicle. With our cars you can travel easily and flexible within and outside of cities.

Ultimate freedom

On this page we describe the steps you need to take to use the electric Mini Coopers.
  Register, verify, rentpark
Drivers license B
It is a requirement, of course, to have a valid Dutch B driving licence. We will check it for authenticity.
Payment method (CreditCard)
You need a creditcard in order to rent one of the cars. We will reserve 250,- as a security deposit.
Driving history
Potential users will also be tested on their driving history. This includes fines and wrong-way parking.
Finally, you will also be asked for your age. A minimum age of 23+ is required to use Car Sharing.


We try to check your information within 72 hours. We may need additional information during the process, such as a recent copy of your driver’s license. Therefore, please keep an eye on the application!
You can see all available vehicles on the map in the app. Reserve your vehicle and follow the map to find it. You have 15 minutes to get to the vehicle.
Yes! You have found your Mini. First check it for any damage and pass this on via the exclamation mark (!) function in the app. Scan the QR code in the car’s center console for information on how to start and end your journey. Have fun!
Drive, Park & Enjoy:
Parking during your ride? That’s possible. Please note that we do not reimburse the parking costs in cities. So you have to buy a parking ticket yourself. Any fines will also be charged.
Ending your ride:
Park the car at one of the permanent GO Sharing parking hubs. Charge the car before you end the rental. Check the directions on the keychain on the charging drop for more information. Can’t find the hub? Feel free to call us!

Where to drive & park?

The cars are located in different cities, on fixed stands. Here they must be picked up & returned, but in the meantime you are in control. Drive anywhere you want to go & experience the ultimate freedom of a car. All you have to do is make sure you end the ride at a fixed mobility hub.            

The app

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Veelgestelde vragen

Everywhere! Connect your phone to the car, put on your best Spotify list & go on an adventure. You’re in control! Pick up the car at one of the fixed parking spots & experience the ultimate freedom. All you have to do is make sure you end your journey at one of our fixed parking spots.
You can hire the electric cars in our app, just like you are used to with our e-mopeds. Unlike the e-mopeds, the e-cars can’t be found throughout the city. The cars are located in different cities, on fixed stands. Here they have to be picked up and returned. Other than that, you are free to drive to any location, as long as you end the ride at a fixed hub.
You can easily register via the registration form on the website. We will then check whether your account meets all the conditions and keep you informed.
You can charge at all public charging points in the Netherlands by connecting the charging cable (in the trunk) to both the charging station and the car. You can then scan the charge card and the car will start charging.

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