Car Sharing

With our electric shared cars you will be traveling easily and quickly from city to city.

From city to city

Would you like to travel in a flexible and comfortable way? Use our fully electric Mini Coopers! On this page you will find all the information you need to set off carefree.

Ultimate freedom                  

In combination with our strong shared e-scooter network, you will soon no longer need to own a vehicle. With our e-scooters & e-bikes you can quickly travel from A to B within the city. With our cars you can travel easily and flexibly within and outside cities.

All information in one place  

Find all the information you need about the Mini Electric on our dedicated page. Check here everything you need for a worry-free journey. From starting to charging. Read this carefully before you start your ride.

Signing up & Our conditions

Do you want to be one of the first to drive the electric Mini SE & do you meet the conditions below? Then sign up now! More information about our registration process can be found via the 'Registration process' button. We ask you to fill in a form with some extra information. This way we can approve your account via a check. This is because we are still in a testing phase.
pay-per-use-2.svg Driving License B
pay-per-use.svg Creditcard
fun-easy.svg Age: 23+
You can see all available vehicles on the map in the app. Reserve your vehicle and follow the map to find it. You have 15 minutes to get to the vehicle.
Yes! You have found your Mini. First check it for any damage and pass this on via the exclamation mark (!) function in the app. Scan the QR code in the car’s center console for information on how to start and end your journey. Have fun!
Drive, Park & Enjoy:
Parking during your ride? That’s possible. Please note that we do not reimburse the parking costs in cities. So you have to buy a parking ticket yourself. Any fines will also be charged.
Ending your ride:
Park the car at one of the permanent GO Sharing parking hubs. Charge the car before you end the rental. Check the directions on the keychain on the charging drop for more information. Can’t find the hub? Feel free to call us!

Where to ride & park                        

The cars are located in different cities, at fixed locations. Here they have to be picked up and returned, but in the meantime you are in control. Drive everywhere you want to go & experience the ultimate freedom of a car. You just have to make sure that you end the ride again at one of our mobility hubs.            

The app

Sign up today      

Got excited? Sign up now and stay informed!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire the electric cars in our app, just like you are used to with our e-mopeds. Unlike the e-mopeds, the e-cars can’t be found throughout the city. The cars are located in different cities, on fixed stands. Here they have to be picked up and returned. Other than that, you are free to drive to any location, as long as you end the ride at a fixed hub.
Everywhere! Connect your phone to the car, put on your best Spotify list & go on an adventure. You’re in control! Pick up the car at one of the fixed parking spots & experience the ultimate freedom. All you have to do is make sure you end your journey at one of our fixed parking spots.
Do you meet the following conditions: • Drivers license B • CreditCard • 23+  
Register now and be one of the first to drive! You will receive an e-mail when we start with Car Sharing.
The easiest way to find the GO mobility hubs is to look at the GO sharing website.
With GO CAR sharing you can travel between cities in a sustainable and comfortable way! With our scooters and bicycles you can easily travel to the fixed parking spaces for the cars, get in and enjoy!

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