45 km/h e-moped

A new, fast and green way of exploring. Perfect to travel to different cities.

Same service, higher speed

Explore the city with our new 45 km/h e-mopeds. The e-mopeds are an addition to the 25 km/h e-mopeds that are already in use. Enjoy the possibility to travel even further!
In a nutshell:

  45 km/h      

Mandatory to drive on the main road


Wearing a helmet is mandatory


Unlock-fee + cost per minute
On the map you can see all of the available vehicles. Reserve your 45 km/h e-moped, which you can recognize by the icon above. Once you have reserved the e-moped, you have 10 free minutes to get to the vehicle.
Start your ride
Once arrived at the vehicle, click ”Rent” or scan the QR-code.
Wear a helmet
Wearing a helmet is mandatory. You can find helmets in the topcase, which opens automatically when you activate the e-moped. In the topcase you will find hairnets and two helmets
Let’s GO
Have you put on your helmet? Close the topcase by pressing it down until it clicks. After that, you’re ready to go. Enjoy!

What are the biggest changes?    

With the new 45 km/h e-mopeds, we increase our coverage and make longer rides possible. We will explain the biggest changes below.

Unlock fee  

For the usage of a 45 km/h e-moped an unlock fee of 1 euro implies. The price per minute stays the same. The 45 km/h e-moped brings you to your destination faster, so the unlock fee is earned back within minutes!      


When driving a 45 km/h e-moped, it is prohibited to drive in the bicycle lane, unless stated otherwise. You also need to wear a helmet at all times. Please notice that the e-mopeds accelerate quicker and have a longer braking distance. Use the horn to prevent dangerous situations.


To make use of a 45 km/h e-moped, you need the appropiate driving license. In the Netherlands, this is an AM license. The minimum age to drive an e-moped is 16 years. If you already have an account with us, you can drive off immediately!
Last but not least: Enjoy your extra fast ride!                          

Where to drive and park

With GO Sharing, you can drive and park almost anywhere in the city. The 45 km/h e-mopeds are faster, which makes them ideal to take you from city to city. Within municipalities we have created zones to keep the city accessible for everyone. Always obey local traffic regulations.
Service area The e-moped needs to be parked within the service area. Please do not cause any nuisance for others.
Not a parking zone It is not possible to park in the red areas. These are mostly busy shopping streets.
Outside of the service area You can drive outside of the service area, but you can’t end your ride here. Temporary parking is possible from €0,15 per minute.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

You have to wear helmet, its mandatory.
In the app, you can see the difference between the e-mopeds by looking at the icons. The vehicles with a maximum speed of 45 km/h are indicated by the icon with the number 45. The 25 km/h e-mopeds are indicated by the regular icon.
No, this is not allowed, unless stated otherwise. When you ride a 45 km/h e-moped, you need to drive on the main road. The road signs indicate when you need to drive on the main road and when you are allowed on the cycle lanes.
The faster shared e-mopeds are intended for longer distances. To stimulate this, there is an unlock-fee.

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