Strategy and Growth Target

Founded in 2019 as a Netherlands-based shared e-moped initiative, GO Sharing is a technology company that offers an electric and environmentally friendly transportation solution as an alternative to traditional transportation methods in order to make shared mobility accessible to everyone. With its eco-friendly electric mobility solutions, the company’s mission is to evolve urban transportation from traditional car ownership to shared use with shared systems, and continues to work with sensitivity and sensitivity for future generations. GO Sharing currently serves its users in Turkey and various European countries, especially in the Netherlands. Believing that international growth is an important step for a sustainable green world, Go Sharing continues to expand the regions it serves.

Our Strategic Focal Points

GO Sharing draws its roadmap for a successful future with the strategic focus points it has identified. These strategic focus points include the main elements that will enable the company to achieve its long-term goals. These elements are primarily "Customer Satisfaction and Experience", "Innovation and Technology", "Environmental and Social Responsibility" and "Employee Development and Good Workplace Culture".
fun-easy.svg User Satisfaction and Experience
We continuously strive to exceed our users' expectations and add value to their experience. By keeping user satisfaction and experience at the forefront, we aim to build a loyal user base and increase user loyalty.
electric-2.svg Innovation and Technology
We aim to be at the forefront of the industry by continuously developing innovative solutions. By investing in research and development, we keep up with technological advancements and streamline our business processes.
sust-operation.svg Environmental Responsibility
We work towards a sustainable future by fulfilling our responsibilities to society and the environment. Prioritizing reducing our environmental impact, providing societal benefits, and adhering to sustainability principles are among our priorities.
for-everybody.svg Employee Development and Positive Workplace Culture
We embrace open and comfortable communication, honesty, and commitment to ethical values as fundamental principles. By creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, we enhance internal innovation and productivity. Focusing on these goals, we aim to facilitate the growth and development of our company.

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