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Date 05-16-2022

GO Sharing introduces a new shared e-moped from its own R&D facility

40 million km driven: data and user feedback used for improvements on the next 5,000 shared e-mopeds

May 16, 2022 – Today, GO Sharing starts with the rollout of 5,000 new shared e-mopeds. The new e-mopeds, which retain their familiar appearance, have been developed by GO Sharing’s own R&D department and equipped with, among other things, an improved kickstand, passenger footrests, a new helmet top box and undetachable mirrors. The improvements are a result of the analysis of user data, feedback and a lot of testing at their new, 2,000m2 R&D facility in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.



Since the founding of GO Sharing in 2019, more than 40 million kilometers have been driven with the green shared e-mopeds. The company has grown within three years into the market leader and is now active in 5 countries with more than 10,000 shared vehicles. That is why GO Sharing has decided to also carry out the design and technical development of the shared transport itself. The new R&D department, located in a 2,000 m2 warehouse in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, works daily to improve GO Sharing’s service and shared vehicles.



Own design
GO Sharing analyzed data and feedback from users for the innovations on the next 5,000 shared e-mopeds. For example, some users struggled to get the e-moped on its trestle stand. It turned out that a side stand made it easier for the e-mopeds to tip over when parked. That is why GO Sharing has developed their own buck stand that can easily be operated with even one toe. 

The new e-mopeds also receive a different type of passenger footrests and a bell instead of the horn that sometimes startled fellow road users. In addition to some other improvements, such as undetachable mirrors and a different type of tire that offers more stability in different weather conditions, a number of technical improvements are also applied under the hood.



Helmet requirement
As the Dutch prepare for an upcoming helmet requirement in July of this year, the new shared e-mopeds will receive a top case that has been specifically developed for helmets. The new top box is sturdier and has a special helmet holder, which keeps track of whether the helmet is placed in the top box and taken out of the top box while driving. 

GO Sharing CEO Raymon Pouwels: ‘Our mission is a green planet with shared mobility by everyone, for everyone. Our users are central to the mission to bring about the behavioral change from owning a vehicle to using it when you need it. That is why we like to listen to their opinion and invest in improving the customer experience: from the app and customer service to the vehicles themselves.’










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