Update GO Sharing Netherlands

Date 03-11-2022

Update GO Sharing Netherlands

Update GO Sharing Netherlands


Shared mobility plays an important role in the mobility transition for making cities and regions more livable. GO Sharing’s regional and multimodal approach ensures that we can offer a mobility alternative to the car and complement public transport. GO Sharing is not yet able to do this profitably everywhere, below we explain why and what the implications of this are.


In our three-year existence, we have scaled up quickly with the goal of maximizing the benefits of shared transportation. The focus is on supporting the door-to-door journey with shared transport to eliminate the wasteful ownership of a vehicle that is not used most of the time. In the current economic climate, where there is a lot of uncertainty in the market, investors are reluctant to invest in car sharing companies. Therefore, we have decided to focus on making our system profitable first. In doing so, we will take a step back and will temporarily withdraw from a number of cities. The reason for the departure is still too low use of the vehicles. In addition, it is difficult and expensive to service the more remote areas. 


However, this departure is not consistent with our long-term vision to deploy shared mobility as a reliable and affordable form of mobility. Our ambition is to be available anywhere, anytime and to everyone. We therefore see this as only a temporary stop. This will also give us the opportunity to get our electric mopeds ready for the helmet requirement.


By focusing on the areas where usage is good, we want to create a stable base for shared transport and further promote quality. Parallel to this process, we are holding talks and conducting research to see what it will take to deploy shared transport in locations that are currently not profitable.


Press more information, to see which cities will remain open.











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