This is how you take a ride in the MINI ELECTRIC!

On this page you will find all the information you need for a carefree journey. From starting to charging. Read this carefully before you start the ride.

Important to read before your first ride

To fully enjoy our shared cars, we ask you to take the following points into account.
24-7.svg Range max 150km
flexibel-slim.svg Leave the car clean
pollution.svg Smoking is not allowed
e-car.svg Drive carefully

Find all the information you need

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On the road in a few steps

Check the video to see how to use the Mini. Not clear enough yet? The steps are explained again below. 👇  
Check the car
Before you start the rental, it is important that you check whether the car is clean and in order. Issues? Contact us at: 085 90 22 901
Unplug the car
Check the directions on the keychain on the charging drop for more information. Remove the charging cable from the pole and car and store it in the trunk.
Start the car
Hold down the brake and press the yellow start button in the center console. The car is fully electric, so it makes no noise. You know for sure that the car is on when the left hand is on ‘ready’.
Drive, Reverse & Neutral
You put the car in gear by pressing the button on the left side of the lever and moving the lever to the desired gear. Do not forget to keep the brake pressed.

Pay attention:


You have to operate the car with one foot. In addition, you will notice that you do not need the brake often. Our shared cars brake regeneratively. That means all you have to do is take your foot off the gas. With the exception of completely standing still or unexpected situations. Tip: Try this out at the beginning of your ride.





Parking during your ride? This is possible. Please note that we do not reimburse the parking costs. Which means you have to buy a parking ticket yourself. Any fines will be charged.                                  

Charging in between    

A long drive ahead? Charge the Mini in between. Find a charging station and use the charging card. You can find this in the glove compartment. More information can be found at the bottom of this page.                                    

Where to drive and park  

Within the Netherlands you can drive anywhere, please note that the range is max. 150 km with a full battery. You must return the car to one of our special mobility hubs. Only at our mobility hubs are you able to end the ride. Call us if you are unable to park here, because costs related to leaving the car incorrectly will be charged to you.            
Accidents can happen, please contact our customer service. We will then handle it properly.
Park the car in one of the special GO Sharing parking spaces. More information can be found under ‘Parking’.
Put the car in Park. You do this by pressing the ‘P’ on the poker. Don’t forget to hold the brake.
Turn off the car
Windows closed? Then press the yellow start button in the center console. The car is now off.
In order to end the rental, you must connect the car to a charging station. Check the directions on the keychain on the charging drop or below for more information.
End your rent
Don’t forget your valuables and close the doors. In the app, press ‘End trip’, the car is now locked.

Charging. This is how you do it

Check the video to see how to charge the Mini. Below we explain it again in steps. 👇      
Charging card
Find the charging card in the glove compartment.
Charging cable
Remove the charging cable from the trunk.
Plug the charging cable into the loading ramp and into the charging station.
Activate the charging station by holding the drop against the charging station. Blue light? The charging has started!
Shut off
Store the charge card in the dashboard compartment again.

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