3 tips to drive cheaper

Even cheaper on your way!

Here are our 3 tips for cheaper driving.

Invite your friends

And earn free driving minutes!

Drive with a discount

Look for the discount icons

Discount packages

More minutes for less money!

  1. Invite your friends!

We like to share! Share your unique code with your friends and earn free driving minutes!  
Your own unique code can be found in the GO Sharing app. Click on the profile icon in the app, go to the button “free driving minutes” and share our personal code via a link or let your friends copy the code from the app. When your friends enter the code, they receive 25 free driving minutes and you get 25 free driving minutes on your account!

2. Drive with a discount

In the app, look for e-scooters with a discount icon or a purple parking area.
You can recognize these vehicles by the icon the present. The discount is indicated with your ride and will be calculated automatically.

3. Choose a discount package                  

With a discount package you pay less per driving minute. Check the discount packages by clicking the button below and enjoy your cheaper ride!


Everything that you need to know

You have to wear helmet, its mandatory.
In the app, you can see the difference between the e-mopeds by looking at the icons. The vehicles with a maximum speed of 45 km/h are indicated by the icon with the number 45. The 25 km/h e-mopeds are indicated by the regular icon.
No, this is not allowed, unless stated otherwise. When you ride a 45 km/h e-moped, you need to drive on the main road. The road signs indicate when you need to drive on the main road and when you are allowed on the cycle lanes.
The faster shared e-mopeds are intended for longer distances. To stimulate this, there is an unlock-fee.

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