Unfortunately, we have left a number of cities. Users in these cities with an outstanding credit can request a refund through the form.

Are you eligible for a refund?

If you have taken one or more trips in 2022 in any of the cities we have closed, you are eligible for a refund. This only applies if your credit had not expired in November 2022.

Until when can you request a refund?

This is possible until December 14, 2023. If you are eligible for a refund, we have already extended your credit until December 31, 2023. This way you can still use GO Sharing for the rest of this year. At the end of 2023, the credit expires, and a refund is no longer possible.

Are we coming back?

We have put the city we left from in hibernation for now. That means the intention is to return again. When this will happen, and which cities it will be, will become clear in the course of this year. We will inform you about this via our website and in our app.

Do you want to refund your credit?

This link will take you to the application form. To ensure that we can arrange this as quickly as possible for you, we need some information from you: your e-mail address and the so-called referral code. This is your personal code with which you can invite your friends. You can find these in the app, in the menu at ‘promotional codes’. There you will see ‘Your unique code’, copy it and fill it in on your application.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

When you have selected the scooter in the app, you can reserve the scooter and walk towards it. Once arrived, stand next to the scooter and press ‘Rent’.    If you come across a scooter on the streets, you can simply scan the QR-code with the app and press ‘Rent’.
Click on ‘END’ in the app and the e-moped will switch off automatically. This will end your ride. Note: your ride can be ended anywhere within the light green area. We also call this green area the ‘service area’.  You cannot end your trip outside the service area, but you can of course park (temporarily).     We ask you to obey the rules and take your environment into account. So treat it as if it is your own property. Make sure that:   – You do not cause any inconveniences when parking your e-moped. -You park at a location where mopeds and/or bicycles are allowed. -Your e-moped stands steady and upright on its stand. -You do not let the e-moped lean against anything. -You do not park the e-moped on the road. -You are not blocking either an entrance or an exit.  
There are a different packages in the app that you could buy.
If the debit card is valid in the Netherlands, we will accept it. It is now also possible to pay via PayPal, an online, secure and global payment system. 
Do you want to make a reservation for an e-moped in your area? You will have 10 free minutes to get there and start the e-scooter. Your paid minutes start counting from the moment you start the e-moped. When you end your ride in the app, the timer also stops.  

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